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Notebook and Pen

An independent investment firm which has broad interests of investing in residential and commercial properties across the world. The firms strategies include but not limited to fix and flip, rental housing and management, commercial property acquisition & management and to remain as diversified as possible in real estate space. Our investment philosophy is based on the fact that we need to achieve higher rate of returns with as little risk as possible and we strive day in and day out to conduct our own market research and stay ahead of the trends. At times, we also seek help from qualified investors who are interested in partnering with us to achieve higher returns and most importantly in those instances, we select people or institutions who are aligned to our philosophy of thinking more than anything else.


We operate ethically and truthfully to our code of conduct always and we expect the same from our partners as well. For us, it is the core values of honesty, integrity and professionalism that we instill daily in our operations which is the foundation upon which our company is built and as it continues to grow

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